A Leading Eye
Surgeon's Practice

World class vision
correction surgery by a
leader in the profession


Our patients come from all
over the world

Pioneering Work

On going audit, research and education programme with a worldwide footprint

Our Safety &
Results Are
Second To None

However we suggest caution comparing results across clinics


Consultant Surgeons, Anaesthetist, GPs, Nurses
& Opticians have chosen us for their vision correction surgery

Only The Best
Will Do For Our

We only do bespoke, state of the art treatment

We Make Expert
Care Affordable

No Pricing gimmicks just clear, fixed transparent pricing with easy payment options

Varifocal, Bifocal or
Reading Specs?

Lens exchange surgery can restore your vision and you will never need a cataract operation

Basic Or Premium
Cataract Surgery?

Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery with Premium Lenses is not available on the NHS

State Of The
Art Technology

Optical Measurements, LASER and Lenses, we use cutting edge technology

Choose Wisely

You are unique and so are your eyes. It is critical to make an individual and personalised choice from the full range of vision correction procedures as the ’one size fits all’ approach practiced in many clinics can lead to serious problems.
Click here for questions you must know the answers to before deciding whether any vision correction surgery is right for you
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Our Patient’s Stories

The vast majority of ourpatients come from personal word of mouth patient recommendation. Click here to read our patient’s stories.They are all real genuine patients sharing their stories. They have not been paid or incentivised in any way to say what they say. We understand you have a choice and will be honoured if you choose us to look after you.
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LASER Treatment
We only do Blade Free All LASER LASIK. This is the top priced treatment in many budget clinics. All our treatments are bespoke and personalised to your needs
Visian Phakic Lens
Unsuitable for LASER, The VisianPhakic Lens is an excellent choice with good long-term results. This lens is similar to a contact lens but sits inside the eye.
Lens Exchange Surgery
If you are you using reading, bifocal, varifocal glasses or contact lenses and want to see better without them, Lens Exchange Surgery is for you.
Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery
Basic cataract surgery available on the NHS will leave you needing glasses most of the time. Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery restores the best possible.

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