Andy Bourne, BSc (Hons) Optometry

Associate Optometrist

Andy Bourne is an expert optometrist and a sensitive patient advocate who provides excellent support for the clinical, research, and educational activities of the centre. He assists Mr Pande with clinical assessment in the clinic setting.

Andy is an author and co-author of several publications within the eye-health industry. He is a Peer Discussion Facilitator with the College of Optometrists, a Peer Reviewer with the Association of Optometrists and an executive member of the East Yorkshire Local Optical Committee.

Apart from his professional training, his patient interactions are enhanced by his personal experience of having had Laser Eye Surgery here at Vision Surgery, under Milind Pande’s care.

Andy is available for patients seeking out initial information on their suitability for surgery if they choose, before attending a comprehensive consultation with Mr Pande.

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