High quality surgery and discount pricing cannot go together. The only way to discount prices is to treat patients as part of a herd, not give patients a choice of surgeon or the opportunity to ask questions of the operating surgeon, and to use surgeons without the highest levels of training. We believe that this reduces the chances of success and increases the risk of failure.

Many clinics use pricing gimmicks (‘from £395’ is a typical example) to lure patients based on the price for a basic procedure for a very low prescription – a procedure for which very patients are eligible – and then use uniformed sales counsellors working on commission to sell patients other more costly procedures. We believe that every patient should get the best possible treatment, and that their choice of treatment should not be based on commission, sales targets or price, but only their clinical needs.

Our prices are fixed and fully transparent. We do not do discounts, BOGOFs, sales or pricing gimmicks. Our procedures provide outstanding value for money, and our fees can be made more affordable with interest free and other easy payment plans.

You have to decide if you want discounted, off-the-shelf surgery or world-class bespoke surgery by a leader in the profession with affordable, transparent, value-for-money fees.

To find out which vision correction treatment is best for you, please fill in this quick online form and we will be in touch shortly. Alternatively call us to organize a free no obligation suitability assessment and begin your journey to better vision.

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