Wendy Nichols 2011

Constantly having to think about wearing glasses or contact lenses just so that you can get on with everyday tasks is not ideal for everyone. Wendy Nicholls started wearing glasses when she was 7 years old and now, at 47, she decided she wanted this to change. She started to look into other options that might be available to her, including LASER vision correction surgery. After spending time doing thorough research, she decided to visit Vision Surgery & Research Centre.

Wendy, who currently lives in Northampton, was quite prepared to travel for the treatment to ensure that she got the surgeon she wanted. Wendy said “Having my new vision is like a miracle – I would recommend it to anyone. I had been thinking about getting the surgery done for a number of years and I did a lot of research, as I wanted to make sure I got a really good surgeon – I wanted the best.”

Wendy, who had bilateral femtosecond LASIK laser vision correction in February 2011, was so impressed with Mr. Pande that she recommended him to her daughter, who is now also planning to have laser eye surgery. “Mr. Pande was fantastic, so I had no hesitation in recommending him to my daughter,” Wendy said.

“Mr. Pande explained everything to me in detail, giving me a full explanation of the whole process. He didn’t push me into it, he just went through the different options and then we both decided that this surgery was right for me – he was really helpful.”

Having the laser surgery has been a huge benefit for Wendy, completely transforming her life. “I’ve got a new life now,” Wendy said. “There are so many things I can do easily with my new eyesight – swimming, watersports, scuba diving and wearing nice sunglasses are just some of the benefits.“I can now enjoy life so much more.”

Wendy’s surgery was a painless and relatively quick procedure. “Soon after the operation Mr. Pande asked me to read the clock and I could see it,” Wendy said. “An hour later, I had an eye test and I had 20/20 vision.” Throughout the surgery at the Spire Hospital, Wendy had a team of staff in the room with her, offering support and re-assurance and making sure she was comfortable and at ease.

“I felt relaxed throughout the surgery and they made me aware of what was going to happen, so there were no unexpected surprises,” says Wendy. “I would definitely recommend Mr. Pande to anyone, and I am so happy I had my surgery done – it has been like starting a new life again.”

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