Our Mission

Our Focus is on You as a patient, and as our patient you deserve unique personalised care and treatment using the best technologies, practices and services available. Designed to fulfill your needs for better vision and an improved quality of life this personalised care is provided within a sensitive professional one to one consultant patient relationship.

Clinical Excellence Patient Empowerment Total Continuity of Care
Clinical Excellence is paramount. Every aspect of our practice is designed to help us achieve clinical excellence. The ethos is of a doctor patient partnership which keeps your clinical needs paramount Our focus is to empower you with good quality information about your condition and encourage active involvement in your clinical care. Assisted by a team of expert optometrists, Mr. Pande sees all patients for their assessment, he will perform the eye surgery and see you personally for your post-operative consultations.

To find out which Vision Correction treatment is best for you, please call us to organize a free no obligation suitability assessment or fill in this quick online form and start your journey to see the best you can

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